DeZhi Mainframe User Support Site

Apply New TSO Userid Get your own free mainrfame account, with TSO/CICS access!
Find out Your TSO userid If you cannot remember your TSO userid, we can find it for you.
Reset Your TSO Userid If you do not remember the password of your TSO userid, we can reset the password for you.
Resume Your TSO Userid If your TSO userid has been revoked, we can resume your userid.
Disconnect Your TSO Session If your TSO session is still active but lost control of the session, we can disconnect the session for you.
Delete Your TSO Userid If you do not need your TSO userid, you may delete your TSO userid from here.
DeZhi Mainframe IPL Information This is the information for last IPL of DeZhi mainframe system.

Please report any questions to Dezhi Systems Support Forum