PCRE 8.33 is now available to all users

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PCRE 8.33 is now available to all users

Postby prino » Sun 09 Mar 2014, 21:19

PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions is an open source library.

It was ported to classic z/OS (i.e. no need for USS) and is now made available to all users.

All PCRE libraries have universal RACF read access, the main ones are:

  • 'PCRE.PCRE.LOADLIB' - PCRE load modules
  • 'PCRE.PCRE.SRCE' - PCRE source code in C (original and z/OS oriented)
  • 'PCRE.PCRE.COB' - COBOL oriented copybooks and demo
There are few more libraries available, all start with PCRE.PCRE.*

Please see PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions for full documentation.

Please see http://www.zaconsultants.net/ for z/OS related documentation.

Please send comments to zatlas1 at yahoo dot com.

The package currently has the following limitations:

  1. The PL/I interface does not work yet.
  2. A REXX interface is being developed.
  3. Initial testing in EBCDIC was done and seems to be working but more extensive testing and test suite should be developed.
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