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Data Set Expiration Date

PostPosted: Wed 12 Mar 2014, 11:45
by steve-myers
Do not use retention period or expiration date when you allocate data sets. From time to time the admins look for and delete any data set allocated using these parameters. You specify these parameters using
  • EXPDT=yyyy/ddd or EXPDT=yyddd in JCL
  • RETPD=nnn in JCL
  • EXPDT(yyyy/ddd) or EXPDT(yyddd) in the TSO ALLOCATE command
  • RETPD(nnn) in the TSO ALLOCATE command
  • A value specified for Expiration date in the ISPF 3.2 Allocate New Data Set panel
These values are useful for tape data sets, which are not used in Fandezhi, but cause difficulties when used for disk data sets.