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SDSF Usage

PostPosted: Fri 04 Jul 2014, 01:59
by steve-myers
Most of the time users can use SDSF to look at other user's data in SDSF. There are some exceptions to this; in the last 48 hours or so two users have been "banned" for violating these exceptions.
  • A few users have asked the admins to prevent other users from displaying their data. User DKESWAN was banned because he made no less than 15 attempts to look at another user's data. If you see USER NOT AUTHORIZED FOR JOB, STOP. Most of the time the admins will ignore one attempt. They will not ignore 15 attempts. DKESWAN persisted.
  • You cannot alter other user's job status. User BHANU made 5 attempts to alter user MAKOTA's TSO session. BHANU was banned for these transgressions. There is a defined method for MAKOTA to cancel the session. Use it.

    Many times the admins will also "bann" MAKOTA, on the difficult to prove theory the two users are collaborating.
Just a reminder: Once a user has been banned, it is forever. The admins are very good at discovering users that attempt to violate this rule.