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Additional compilers now available

PostPosted: Tue 03 Nov 2015, 20:04
by prino
Users of the MVS Tur(n)key system may have used them for longer, but some of the old compilers for that (free) system are now also available here. The JCL to run them can be found in SYSC.PROCLIB', which also contains a $INDEX member with a one-line description of all procedures.

Because the age of these compilers, and the age of their invoking JCL, you are exceptionally allowed to copy the JCL to your own JCL.CNTL library. The use of these compilers is completely and utterly unsupported. If you have problems, you can post them here, but don't expect many replies, and under no circumstances up your posting by replying to it yourself with a "Any replies?" type posting, this will result in the reply and your original post being deleted!