Ending Your TSO session

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Ending Your TSO session

Postby steve-myers » Thu 04 Aug 2016, 15:51

Use the LOGOFF command to end your TSO session.

Closing your terminal emulator will not immediately end your session. Your TSO session is left in a sort of limbo to allow you to reconnect to the session. This typically lasts for an hour or more. It is our experience that LOGON RECONNECT does not work very often. Personally, I never bother!

You can forcibly terminate your TSO session in at least two ways.
  • Use the URL you see in the first of the seemingly endless screens displayed after you logon - http://efglobe.com/cgi-bin/mainframe/ma ... DISCONNECT
  • In the first screen of our site support web site there is a link Mainframe FAQ. Click on this link and you will see a long list of links. Click on the How can I cancel my TSO session? link. This will take you to a screen that tells you to try LOGON RECONNECT. Near the bottom of this screen is this link - cgi-bin/mainframe/mainuser?F=DISCONNECT. Click this link and it will take you to a screen that invites you to enter your userid and password. Type your userid and password into the appropriate boxes and click the Submit box. Most of the time this will immediately cancel your session and you can logon again. Sometimes - not very often - it takes about a minute for your session to end before you can logon again.
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