Record a z/OS IPL

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Record a z/OS IPL

Postby eh2scqw » Mon 28 Nov 2016, 15:24


my System:

- OpenSUSE Leap
- Hercules Hyperion
- z/OS 1.13

I want to record the full IPL on the HMC. I have tried to do this via c3270 from

by running c3270 like this:

Code: Select all
c3270 localhost:3270 | tee -a log.out

Unfortunately some lines in the log file are mixed up. Is there a better way to capture the IPL process in a log file?
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Re: Record a z/OS IPL

Postby steve-myers » Mon 28 Nov 2016, 15:45

This forum is strictly for the FanDeZhi system. This request has absolutely nothing to do with the FanzDeZhi system. I suggest you consult more appropriate forums.
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Re: Record a z/OS IPL

Postby prino » Tue 29 Nov 2016, 15:58

PM'ed a reply, if others have suggestions, PM the TS.
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