Creating a new topic

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Creating a new topic

Postby steve-myers » Tue 07 Mar 2017, 02:00

Creating a new topic in phBB "bulletin board" systems like this one is very simple. In pages that list a group of existing topic, such as the Dezhi systems: Mainframe group where this topic is being built, there is a fairly large NEWTOPIC* button near the top of the page before the list of topics. Click on the button and a new page with a Subject: box followed by a largish entry form for the detailed description of the topic. Below this box are four buttons, "Load draft," "Save draft," "Preview," and "Submit." When you are ready, click on an appropriate box. The "Submit" box will add the topic to the data base.
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Re: Creating a new topic

Postby nclouston » Tue 07 Mar 2017, 17:59

I went looking for this button - it was not there. Then I realised that I was in the "Mainframe FAQ" part of the forum not "Dezhi systems: Mainframe" where the button is found. Stops one from posting in the wrong part of the forum.
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