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new TSO ID

PostPosted: Fri 02 Feb 2018, 19:54
by alopecor
Hi Everybody , do me a favor How can I get a TSO Id,, I don't see any option, or link , thanks

Re: new TSO ID

PostPosted: Sat 03 Feb 2018, 01:38
by steve-myers
Updated February 5.

The admins do not create userids, for five reasons.
  1. There is some - not very much - security in using the web site to build a userid. Obviously this security is bypassed when an admin would build a userid.
  2. Secondary web site services, such as assigning a new password and deleting a userid, cannot be used if an admin would create a userid.
  3. The web site interface creates the userid.JCL.CNTL data set and other data sets.
  4. The mechanics of creating the USS environment cannot be performed by an admin.
  5. Unfortunately, the mechanics of assigning a TSO userid are rather complex. The ADDUSER RACF command creates a userid in the RACF data base, but several other things must be done before the userid can be used. The admins have not researched these requirements as they apply to the Fandezhi environment.