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How can I cancel my TSO session?

PostPosted: Thu 26 Mar 2020, 17:33
by cesaralt
The link in the option 2 does not work, how can I cancel my TSO Session?

2. Cancel your session.
If you cannot reconnect your TSO session, use following site to cancel your TSO session, so that you can logon to TSO again:
You need enter your TSO userid and password to cancel your TSO session.

Cesar Altamirano

Re: How can I cancel my TSO session?

PostPosted: Fri 27 Mar 2020, 01:36
by steve-myers
The only method that usually works is to kill your TN3270 application, wait a while - usually around an hour - and try again.

If that does not work, write a post like this one that includes your TSO userid. An admin will eventually pick it up and kill your session for you.

The admins, usually steve-myers and prino, check the this site from time to time and will usually pick up the message. Unfortunately this may take a while. You might try sending a PM (Private Message) to prino and steve-myers. This usually kicks off an e-mail, though how quickly they respond varies. steve-myers e-mail goes to a web based e-mail provider that does not quickly notify its user if he is not logged on; prino may be quicker. steve-myers may not know a user is in trouble until his daily status run around 10 PM or 11 PM system time (which is usually the same as the time in Lima, Peru) and sees the failed logon attempt in the SMF summary. Seeing the failed logon in the syslog is harder to spot.