New userids and password updates

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New userids and password updates

Postby steve-myers » Tue 20 Mar 2018, 01:50

Please follow this procedure to request a new userid or to request a new password.

Send a PM (Private Mail) through this web site to steve-myers and prino. The PM must include the userid (1 to 7 bytes only) you want to use, a REAL name - obvious fake names or handles WILL NOT be accepted (1 to 20 bytes), and a REAL E-mail address. The E-mail address is not shared, sold, or otherwise misused. We will create the userid and send you a PM with the password and information to configure your 3270 emulator program to contact the Fandezhi z/OS system. Requests with incomplete or invalid information will be ignored. If you have not received your password within 24 hours, most likely you entered invalid information. Submit the request with valid information. The only time you will be prompted for valid information is if you attempt to request a userid that is already in the system. One down side is you must be registered for this web site so you can send us a PM, which was not previously required.

There are two major restrictions on our users.
  • The userid cannot be used for training of any sort.
  • The userid cannot be used for any commercial use.
These restrictions are imposed by the owner of FanDeZhi. Any user violating these restrictions will be immediately terminated.

The E-mail address should be with a vendor not likely to go away, such as gmail, outlook or yahoo. DO NOT use your work E-mail, or an ISP based E-mail as these disappear when you change jobs or ISP. E-mail addresses that cannot be used to register for this site are OK for this purpose; in other words, gmail, outlook and yahoo are OK. Do not use "throw-away" email addresses with a time-limited validity, we do not have the resources to reply within the sometimes extremely short time they are valid!

Do not put your E-mail address in regular posts.

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The FanDeZhi system is intended for experienced z/OS users. The data management scheme used in z/OS is completely different than similar schemes in in systems like Unix, Linux or Windows. None - repeat, none - of your experience with Unix, Linux or any Windows system will be useful with z/OS.
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