New userids and password updates

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New userids and password updates

Postby steve-myers » Tue 20 Mar 2018, 01:50

Please follow this procedure to request a new userid or to request a new password.

Send a PM (Private Mail) through this web site to steve-myers, prino or sfan. The PM must include the userid (1 to 7 bytes only), a REAL name - obvious fake names or handles WILL NOT be accepted (1 to 20 bytes), and a REAL E-mail address. We will fill out the old userid form for you and you will be sent an E-mail to verify the request. The E-mail address is not shared, sold, or otherwise misused. One down side is you must be registered for this web site so you can send us a PM., which was not previously required.

The E-mail address should be with a vendor not likely to go away, such as gmail, outlook or yahoo. DO NOT use your work E-mail, or an ISP based E-mail as these disappear when you change jobs or ISP. E-mail addresses that cannot be used to register for this site are OK for this purpose; in other words, gmail, outlook and yahoo are OK

A password update request MUST include the userid and the exact E-mail address used to originally register the userid. Unfortunately this E-mail address must be current and active. The system will send an E-mail to the E-mail address with a new temporary password.

Do not put your E-mail address in regular posts.
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