TSO Sign on troubles

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TSO Sign on troubles

Postby usrdune » Fri 14 Feb 2014, 21:43

Hello admins (and others),

I registered onto the mainframe and all went well overtime but then when I attempt to again on to TSO I am almost immediately logged off.

The system lets me sign on and as far as I can tell I am admitted onto the system as I can briefly see the sign on message "NO BROADCAST MESSAGES" message. After this I do not get the ready prompt but the "userid is logged off message.

I am using wc3270 and the userid that I am using is "USRDUNE"

Any help in the matter would be appreciated.

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Re: TSO Sign on troubles

Postby prino » Sat 15 Feb 2014, 00:59

As far as I can determine from the history, you were banned for trying to register two userid's, USRDUNE and ARKDUNE. The admins do not like this as it usually indicates that they are registered by unscrupulous training institutes.
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Re: TSO Sign on troubles

Postby usrdune » Sat 15 Feb 2014, 17:10


Yes. I tried to register ARKDUNE and then USRDUNE. To be honest both of the IDs are based on the SF novels of Frank Herbert; I don't recall specifically why I tried the one and then the other but partly I am also certain it was due to some network issues when registering. In my small town internet services are dial-up and some what cumbersome. I don't recall exactly what state the userid "ARKDUNE" was left in but I am almost certain that I was not able to get my wc3270 software working at the time to attempt sign-on.

I am an individual with MVS in my background and would like to make use of your services if at all possible. But if the ban cannot be lifted please let me know.

Thanks for any help in the matter. So, apologies for the attempting to register two userids - didn't realize I was out of bounds.

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Re: TSO Sign on troubles

Postby steve-myers » Sat 15 Feb 2014, 17:42

I think the admins can lift the restriction on USRDUNE, but will leave the restriction on ARKDUNE.

I can still remember buying Dune in the small book store in the 30th Street [PhiladelphIa] train station in 1970 or 1971. I don't remember where I bought Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. After early 1972 I only rarely used 30th Street except for a couple of years from 1985 to 1987, and by then the book store had disappeared. In December I bought the E-book version of Dune.
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Re: TSO Sign on troubles

Postby usrdune » Sat 15 Feb 2014, 18:31

Greetings again,

Firstly, thank you for your help in resolving this issue. Secondly, apologies again and I will go over the protocols of using this site again and will do my best to follow them. I am (and have) realized what a valuable service you are delivering to us here.

Thirdly, but by no means lastly and w/o being too off-topic: It is wonderful to have met a reader and a reader of Frank Herbert. His works and the continuation of the same by his son are, I believe, some of the best humankind has to offer in creativity. I have read all of the works dozens of times and they always have led me to understanding contemporary world events. (What a surprise, eh!)

It is a shame that the little bookstore you mentioned is no more. There is something about them that always takes me to young adulthood: fond memories of the smells, books that gave you ideas and images in your head, meeting girls that you could ACTUALLY talk to --- :). Hahaha...

Thank you again.

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